Sarah Chambers. The director of KGT Aesthetics

CEO and founder of KGT. 18yrs beauty experience, 8years aesthetics experience, 4 years teacher training experience.


in 2008 I opened my own salon Beautilicious. in 2010 I decided I wanted to start training in aesthetics. After years of training and education and qualifying as a teacher I wanted to open a clinic as the more procedures I did the more i enjoyed making people feel better in themselves.


In 2016 KGT which stands for the first initials of all 3 of my babies first names was created. 


I truly love my job and find it so rewarding providing clients with enhancement procedures they have always wanted. When people tell me they wouldn't trust anybody else with their face this to me is so amazing. In every appointment I do my very best and offer my truthful opinion in everything I do.

I wake up every day and live my absolute dream creating results that mean so much to ladies iv met over the last 10 years....priceless! for this I am truly grateful for all my loyal clients who return time and time again without you I couldn't succeed so thank you.